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About the Cypress Tigers

The Cypress Tigers Youth football program was founded by three brothers, Tommie Villanueva, Isaac Villanueva and Ron Jaure.  Tommie, Isaac and Ron share a common vision of sharing their passion for football and love the game with young athletes in the Cypress/Waller and Katy area.  With many years of successful coaching experience in Grid Iron, YFL and TYFA leagues, the brothers are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, positive environment that enables children to learn the value of practice, the advantages of discipline and the challenge of competition.  The personal growth that many children can derive from youth sports is what makes it so important.  When a child is a part of a team that feels like he is valued and important, it is something that can go a long way in helping that child develop the necessary confidence to succeed in life.  Participating in a sport can promote cooperative play, teamwork and good sportsmanship.  When exposed to the right kind of experiences and positive role models, children who participate in sports reap huge benefits and a feeling of acceptance by participating on a team.  Children learn that they are a part of a whole; and when the group works together, good things happen.  Those good things are not necessarily winning.  They learn that in order to win, a player has to value hard work; and that patience and practice will help them gain a distinct edge over others, on and off the field.

            The Cypress Tigers organization is committed to teaching, developing and enabling young athletes to apply these principles and to learn the fundamentals of football through repetition and positive encouragement.  All parents are strongly encouraged to show the kids that dedication and commitment are key attributes to achieve success in life. 

            We encourage you to visit our website; for information and updates as the season progresses.  Once again, thank you for joining the Tiger family and we look forward to a wonderful and successful season.

Cypress Tigers

The Cypress Tigers are a new 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization in the Cypress/Katy area and we are committed to creating a safe and competitive environment that will not only showcase your child's athletic talents, but also build character and teach individual as well as team skills which are all important attributes needed to be successful in life.  In addition, our youth establish strong bonds, memories and friendships that can last a lifetime.