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Welcome to the Cypress Tigers Cheer Page

Our journey of hard work over the past few years has finally paid off as we completed our Fall 2015 season in epic fashion at the 2016 Battle Royale Championship in Las Vegas, NV.  The long road traveled started at the TYFA State Cheer Competition in McAllen, TX where our squad took home Division Titles and Grand Champion Titles and won bids to Nationals in Dallas, TX.  Expectations were high and our teams did not disappoint as they won big at Nationals taking home two Championships and two Grand Championships along with bids to the battle of champions at the Battle Royale in Las Vegas, NV.   Both of our Advanced and Dance Teams took 1st Place trophies in their categories and our Advanced Team also took home the coveted Grand Champion Title along with jackets and rings.   
We could not be more proud of our cheer squad for all the hard work they put in to achieve their goal.  They are our best example of what hard work and determination can achieve.  

The Heart of a Champion

Cheer Fee Breakdown For Fall 2016

There will be 3 separate packages to choose from $225 to $270

  • Cheer Package Includes


    Socks Shoes
    Skirt Bow Jacket
    Poms Brief  
  • Dance Package Includes
    Top Socks Shoes
    Pants Bow Jacket
    Poms Brief  
  • Cheer & Dance Package Includes
    Shell Poms Shoes
    Skirt Socks Jacket
    Top Bow  
    Pants Brief  

There is an additional $45 crossover fee for any child participating in both Cheer and Dance.  Payments is preferred in full but payment options are available.

  • Payment Option 1
    • Full $225 Payment for Cheer or Dance
    • Full $270 Payment for Both Cheer and Dance
  • Payment Option 2 (Cheer or Dance)
    • 1st Payment $100 Deposit
    • 2nd Payment $62.50 
    • 3rd Payment $62.50 
  • Payment Option 3 (For Both Cheer & Dance)
    • 1st Payment $100 Deposit
    • 2nd Payment $85
    • 3rd Payment $85

For ordering purposes we will need to have a payment of at least $160 by July 1st for Cheer or Dance or $200 payment for Cheer & Dance.  Any payments still due after Aug 1st will incur an additional $75 charge.

There may be a fundraiser requirement for those who will participate in the TYFA State Cheer Competition which will be held on Nov. 5th and 6th in Corpus Christi, TX. Competition is not mandatory but is open for all certified Tiger Cheerleaders.

DEA Tumbling Classes in September will be held on Tuesdays 7-8:15 PM.  Please check Event Schedule or Calendar for updated schedule. 

The Registration "Cheer " is not currently available.

Comments & Question

Please direct any comments, questions or concerns regarding Cheer & Dance to our Cheer Director and she will make every effort to reply and answer within 24 - 48 hours.  

Cathy Kisijara

Cheer Director

Alyssa Solo - Battle Royale Championship

Advanced Team - Battle Royale Championship

Madi Solo - Battle Royale Championship